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News Details: Time bound updating.Some online newspapers update information stories every five-minutes and some do it less frequently. For example, with AfricaNewsNow (www.africanewsnow.com), Africa headlines from a variety of Web-based news sources are updated every five minutes.Some other online newspapers are updated every 15 minutes.

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The global rise of “fake news” and the threat to

News Details: Distinguishing between news and “fake news” As the World Economic Forum (2013) recently warned, a kind of so-called “digital wildfires,” i.e., unreliable information going viral online (fake news) could be noted as one of the biggest threats faced by governments and societies. The debate surrounding “fake news” has been around for decades – although often defined by different

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Leadership and strategy in the news | Emerald Insight

News Details: Now he draws further analogies between the 1930s and today: “Again we have a large wealth gap and rising populism. [In the 1930s] you had the classic rising of a power to challenge an existing power. Then, it was Germany rising to challenge the British Empire. Now we have China rising. And a lot of political polarity.

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Social Scientists as the Architects of Their Own Defeat in

News Details: Something, they argue, has been constantly increasing due to the reliance on social media for our news, as the media have begun to use catchy but misleading headlines called ‘clickbait’ (Markey & Ferguson, 2017) that results in rapid shares of stories across cyberspace, and unfortunately ones detailing an evil phenomenon creating a

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Consciousness-raising and Networked Anti-Rape Counter

News Details: You share news, you share headlines, and it’s sharing information that going from node to node, point to point, rather than us being fed stuff. ‘sharing’ within and across networks is important in breaking down the centralisation of information dissemination about sexual violence, and the quote included here indicates a resistance to

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‘Gaming the System?’ The Merits, Myths and Realities in

News Details: This has been the focus of some news stories, with such headlines as ‘Britain too soft on crime say 80% of public, shock new survey reveals' (Sherwood, 2014) and ‘Criminals are getting softer sentences in a bid to save UK's crumbling prison system with NINE out of 10 appeals for extensions rejected’ (Jehring, 2018). It would appear that

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A Trump presidency and the prospect for equality and

News Details: During the 2016 US Presidential election, Republican Candidate (now President) Donald J. Trump made headlines around the world for vitriolic and inflammatory remarks against women, immigrants, Muslims, and other minority groups. he agreed to pardon a law-breaking, BBC News (2017b), “ Trump

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Protests and possibilities: reframing the agenda for urban

News Details: Snippets of news from families and friends combine with the 24-hour buzz of social media to give youngsters a patchwork of understanding of the world around them. They encode “social tensions” about global conflicts, pick up on “the stress and anger” of the adults around them about contemporary events ( Rethinking Schools, 2017 , p. 4).

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Internet review | Emerald Insight

News Details: The “News headlines” section of the web site includes information on: • helping today’s emerging technologies become the growth sectors of tomorrow. Their vision is “For the UK to be a global leader in innovation and a magnet for innovative businesses, who can apply technology rapidly, effectively, and sustainably to create wealth

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Introduction: Reorientating the Debate | Emerald Insight

News Details: Video games have become a multi-billion-pound industry, now generating more income than any Hollywood blockbuster (Malim, 2018; Mitic, 2019).Since the early 1990s, the sale of video games has risen dramatically, and thus, as Jones (2008, p.1) states ‘games are arguably the most influential form of popular expression and entertainment in today's broader culture’.

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Prelims | Emerald Insight

News Details: And although little is featured in banner headlines, a number of companies and financial institutions seem to be taking steps to quietly move some of their operations into other EU States. It is hardly surprising they are quiet in doing this, as they are acutely aware that just over 50 per cent of the country believes passionately in Brexit as

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