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Entertainment News for Pop Culture Fans - Entertainment Weekly

News Details: Entertainment Weekly brings you the latest TV, movie, music, and book news daily.

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Terry Crews sparks outrage with controversial Black

News Details: Terry Crews is facing backlash after tweeting Sunday night, in part, that "defeating white supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy."

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Piers Morgan on 'creating headlines' with his new CNN gig

News Details: Just hours after the news broke, Morgan called up EW to chat about his new show — launching in January — which, as-of-now, remains unnamed. “I’ll be pretty upset if my name is not in there

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The Crown season 3 binge recap | EW.com

News Details: Or, so a news report tells us at the top of episode 5, but the government says the figure is distorted and meaningless. Although later, at the prime minister and the queen’s weekly meeting, he

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'90 Day Fiancé stars Darcey and Stacey Silva on TLC

News Details: There's a reason why fans like Chrissy Teigen and Jerry O'Connell can't get enough of TLC's '90 Day Fiancé.' Come August, there will be a new spin-off joining the family called, 'Darcey and

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Madam Secretary creator: Bringing Téa - EW.com

News Details: Then once we got into it, we were bumping up against real-life headlines in a way that we hadn’t expected to. We also were able to show this character having the fortitude to deal with it and

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'Breaking Bad': N.Y. Times pens fake column on Gray Matter

News Details: Leave it to Breaking Bad to bring financial journalism and Hollywood together.The New York Times‘ Andrew Ross Sorkin clearly enjoyed the shout-out to his column during last night’s episode of

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'Mad Men': Don of a new era | EW.com

News Details: While Weiner notes that the Breaking Bad move was ”genius,” he still wishes that Mad Men had found a home somewhere on the 2011 schedule: ”It’s hard to imagine any reason, business or

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On the Books: Jane Austen fans set new Guinness World

News Details: Another 19th-century literary titan is also making headlines. Before people waited for the final episodes of Breaking Bad or George R.R. Martin’s latest installment of A Song of Ice and Fire

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'Empire' recap: Season 5, episode 3 | EW.com

News Details: “Lyons Without Pride?” one of the online headlines reads to Cookie’s frustration. But Jamal urges his family to put all the negative press aside as today is the day Andre is finally getting

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UPDATE - Entertainment News for Pop Culture Fans

News Details: His arrival at the Toronto police station was no different — the singer debuted a music video for his song “Confident” on Wednesday afternoon, just as news of his expected arrest was breaking.

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Canada's Drag Race winner Priyanka talks first Canadian

News Details: 'Canada's Drag Race' winner Priyanka walks EW through that epic finale, the Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman drama, and all the tea in her first coronation interview.

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Homeland recap: Season 7, episode 7 | EW.com

News Details: Saul, with no time to lose, instructs the team to go after Dante, which means bad news for Carrie, obviously. Because Carrie, after speaking with Audrey, returns to Dante’s place, to his orbit.

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Hemingway estate rejects 'Vanity Fair'; more books news

News Details: As for today’s awards news, the National Book Foundation announced its second of four longlists for this year’s National Book Award in Poetry, with nine of the 10 authors receiving recognition

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› Url: https://ew.com/article/2013/09/17/on-the-books-hemingway-estate-rejects-vanity-fair-james-patterson-donates-1-million-to-independent-bookstores/ Go Now

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100 greatest movies, TV shows, and more | EW.com

News Details: Soon she’d be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But back in 2007, we were all saying yes, yes, yes to the British belter’s one-of-a-kind voice. 57.

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The 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment | EW.com

News Details: As World News Tonight ends its second year as America’s top newscast, ABC’s $2 million-a-year anchor seems more of a bargain than ever. After eight years, Jennings, 53, is on a roll. After

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2019 SXSW feature film slate announced: See the full list

News Details: The outlaws made headlines. The lawmen made history. journalists” dedicated to redefining breaking news in the 21st century. (North American Premiere) gender roles that men and women

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On the Books: First book published in U.S. sells for $14.2

News Details: On the Books: First book published in U.S. sells for $14.2 million

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› Url: https://ew.com/article/2013/11/27/on-the-books-psalms-book-auction-record-indie-first-day-small-business-saturday/ Go Now

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On the Books: Ylvis' 'The Fox' children's book tops best

News Details: A fox and a boy wizard lead today’s book headlines. Read on for more news: the record-breaking sales for children’s publishing have amounted to more than 60,000 units sold in-store in just

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› Url: https://ew.com/article/2013/12/20/on-the-books-ylvis-the-fox-harry-potter-play-stage/ Go Now

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Ender's Game costume scoop, Kim Kardashian to design kids

News Details: Read on for all of today’s top style and design headlines. [NY Daily News] Undergo a Breaking Bad transformation with the Goorin Bros. Heisenberg pork pie hat.

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› Url: https://ew.com/article/2013/08/05/enders-game-costume-scoop-kim-kardashian-designing-clothes-for-kids-and-more/ Go Now

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Clare Mackintosh 'I See You': Read an excerpt | EW.com

News Details: I have to wait for my train, and at the rack by the ticket machine, I pick up a copy of the London Gazette, its headlines appropriately grim for today’s date: Friday, 13 November.

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OITNB: Danielle Brooks says season 7 could be her - EW.com

News Details: Actually, today I got a little pissed off, honestly—I just heard the news on the radio about the Philando Castile [case] and the officer being acquitted. I just appreciate the show speaking to

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› Url: https://ew.com/tv/2017/06/19/orange-new-black-danielle-brooks-season-5-postmortem/ Go Now

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Saturday Night Live recap: Season 43, episode 5 | EW.com

News Details: Colin Jost kicked off Weekend Update not with the sexual harassment allegations which have overwhelmed the headlines, but rather a breakdown of President Trump’s trip to Asia. casting news

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The best TV shows of the 2010s | EW.com

News Details: What sets Oliver apart from a whole generation of political comedians influenced directly or indirectly by Jon Stewart is how hard he works to expand the focus of news-riff comedy beyond quick-hit

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The Year That Was | EW.com - Entertainment News for Pop

News Details: Sept. 30: NBC Nightly News executive producerJeff Gralnick comes under fire for giving low priority to coverageof an earthquake in India that killed 10,000 people because, hesays, there was ”not

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Cecelia Ahern on YA novel Flawed | EW.com

News Details: With her new book Flawed, out April 5, Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S.I Love You, is trying her experienced hand at the world of YA.Flawed is set in a society where the public shaming of The Scarlet

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2020 Tribeca Film Festival lineup includes Pete Davidson

News Details: New movies from Pete Davidson (King of Staten Island), Hugh Jackman (Bad Education), Laverne Cox, Elisabeth Moss, and more will premiere among the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival lineup.

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Entertainment Geekly

News Details: A couple days ago, Jeff broke the news that 'Veronica Mars' was staging a comeback from the TV graveyard, with creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell raising 2 million on Kickstarter for a movie.

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Tribeca Film Festival announces 2019 movie lineup | EW.com

News Details: New movies from Margot Robbie, Zac Efron, Terrence Howard, Trixie Mattel, and 'PEN15' star Maya Erskine are among the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival lineup.

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